Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Birthday Story...for Earth Day

The whole class was invited for Maddy's birthday last week.
A party on our favorite 'island' Alberta.  

The forecast was +12!  See, no leaves on the trees yet!  Still ice chunks on the shore!

It was an intriguing challenge, an ambitious expedition...
I wasn't sure how we would get across! 

Nineteen children showed up with a few parents in tow.  

Key to the whole operation: 
one magical Kindergarden Teacher, 
one official River Master, and one cake-baking Pirate.

Thus began a truly simple and glorious party for my dear girl...

And here are some tips I would highly recommend!

Whenever possible, let Nature do the Parenting.

Let Nature do all the party planning.

Let Nature provide the party favours.

Let Nature make the mess....and do the cleanup.

Let Children Roam.

Let them Be.

Let them build.

Let them share your fire.

And when they tire of your fire, 

 let them build their own.

Especially if they are 9 years old.

It's time.

Fear not.

Nature and Children are wonderfully made.

Both are marvellously resilient.

These 7 year olds wanted to make their own fire too.

They sent a scout to the main fire, 
"Go, bring back fire!"

The scout returned with a torch.
"Did you get fire?!" shouted the boys.
"No!" he answered proudly,
"But I got smoke!"

All the day long there were no fearful words 
of caution or warning, no near accidents 
or fights, no whining, no tears. 

Just 19 children and 7 child-at-heart-parents

celebrating my daughter Madelyn

and our mother Earth. 

Happy B(earth) Day!!!!

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  1. I Love it, You are amazing Ginette! Happy Bday Maddy! :) Looked like so much fun!